Gentle Violet Paste

Learn how to use common garden violets for a variety of everyday day ailments. Violet paste is a simple and effective home remedy for child

Common garden Health Workshops and First Aid kits

Spring is a time of renewed energy and revitalised growth. In the spirit of this vital season I am very excited to announce another great way to learn about the utilisation of common backyard herbs, weeds and vegetables in the pursuit of lasting health. This past weekend I was invited to present a workshop on herbal health care. It was a lovely intimate home based workshop that covered harvesting and storage of plants, various herbal preservation methods and basic ointment making. If you are more of a hands on learner, then this may be the ideal format for you. I have also developed a line of basic herbal first aid products which combine beautifully with these gorgeous hand painted boxes, to

Ward off the flu.

Flu season is about to peak. So if you are not already onto it, now is the time to knuckle down with some simple preventative measures (a lot less extreme than a gas mask!) to help reduce your exposure. Whilst I'm sure you have heard all of these 'tips' before, it's worth having a think about whether any of these areas could be improved upon to reduce your chances of infection. 1.Reduce exposure Obviously try and limit close contact with people that already have viral infection. However if you have small children or other dependants, this is frankly impossible. Don't worry though, there are many things you can do to bolster your own immune defences. Where possible, try and encourage the peop


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