Super Green Soup

Thank goodness for this meal, it's been a life saver in my family lately. It takes about 20 minutes to make, meets kid approval and is nutritious - Hooray!! It also requires minimal ingredients and nothing fancy or hard to find. I like to make a big batch because I'm a big fan of left overs, but adjust the quantities as you see fit. Ingredients: 2-3 stalks of leek - sliced lengthwise, rinsed of grit and chopped finely. Olive oil 1 head of broccoli and stalk chopped 2-3 large zuchini roughly chopped stock/water salt and pepper to taste. optional - toasted tamari pumpkin seeds or parmesan to garnish. Method: Sauté the leek in some olive oil over medium heat for about 5 minutes or unti

Are you eating mindfully?

This is one of my favourite bits of advice for improving digestive health. Mindful eating does not require any special equipment or supplements. It is thus free and accessible to anyone. Simply take the time to engage your senses when you eat. Take notice of how your food looks, smells, sounds, feels and of course tastes. The digestive process begins in the mind, when we first see and smell our food. Taking a moment to stop and really savour your meal gets the digestive enzymes flowing, improves metabolism, nutrient uptake and effective elimination. It even makes the food taste better! #Food #Digestion #Health

Composition Powder.

If you don't have the time or inclination to fiddle around with making syrups, then this super quick and handy kitchen cupboard remedy might be for you. The great thing is you will probably have all the ingredients at home already, or can easily source them from the local shops or supermarket. Composition powder is used for preventing and healing colds, sore throats, flu, respiratory infections and congestion. It is full of heating spices that help to raise the body’s core temperature to kill off invading pathogens, and promote sweating, thereby aiding the channels of elimination. This recipe is adapted from an early American herbalist named Samuel Thompson, who according to the picture abov

Delicious, quick and easy herbal cough syrup!

Make your own delicious homemade herbal cough syrup! Syrups can be a great way to get kids (and dare I sensitive adults too!) to take medicinal herbs. This particular recipe is wonderful for sore throats, deep coughs and in some cases, asthma. Most of the ingredients are easily sourced from local grocery stores, and health food shops. As I have mentioned before, Southern Light Herbs is a wonderful local and organic medicinal herb grower that is stocked in most health food stores. You will need: 2 tbs dried thyme 2 tbs Fennel seeds (Store in the refrigerator to protect these oil-rich seeds from oxidisation and rancidity) 1 tbs Echinacea root (angustifolia or purpurea) 1 tbs licorice root


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