Eating Rainbows

"Eat your rainbows" 🌈 has become something of a mantra that I bang on about quite a bit in my consultations (and in life generally). I generally advise my patients to aim to eat at least one vegetable from each colour of the rainbow on a daily basis. It is such a simple and visually appealing way to increase the intake of a wide variety of beneficial and protective phytonutrients. The beauty of this dietary approach is that it is entirely positive. By focusing on the beneficial things you want to eat, you can help to reduce the negative self talk that can often accompany dietary changes. By increasing the quantity and variety of beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables , you are also less like

Cherry stones

Cherry pip love! I've finally finished cleaning these little suckers so we can reuse them. Not only did we get to gorge ourselves silly on summer cherries, but now I can use the clean pips to make heat bags to ward off premenstrual cramps and winter chills. Apparently this is a traditional use in Northern Europe as cherry stones can retain heat for a nice long while. I originally had grand visions of becoming a cherry stone heat bag mogul, but they take so long to clean properly that I'll save them for my treasured friends and family. Guess what they'll be getting for Xmas this year? If it's summer where you are, go and get yourselves some cherries pronto because they are magnificently delic


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