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Common Garden Health is an Australian natural plant-based micro-business offering

lovingly handcrafted and effective plant based products to support and soothe everyday health complaints.  The range includes Naturopathically-formulated organic herbal tea blends, vegan botanical soothing balms, aromatherapy massage oils, mum and baby care, hair and skin products and more.


Common Garden Health is proud to be guided by the following four foundational principles:

Traditional Herbal Medicine: Each product is formulated by qualified Naturopath, Naabi Methé utilising time honoured herbal medicine principles and in small batches to ensure the potency and purity of each product.   All herbal infusions are handmade using a slow cold infusion method to optimise herbal efficacy.  


Ethical plant based ingredients: Each and every product is vegan friendly and cruelty free.


Sustainable ingredient sourcing and product packaging practices: We strive to grow and source local and organic ingredients wherever possible.  All packaging used is re-useable, recyclable or biodegradable. 


Affordable prices: We firmly believe that good health should not cost the earth and should be accessible to everyone.

Normally, you can find Common Garden Health at the Queen Victoria night market  and a variety of local artisan markets and festivals around Melbourne.  But for now, in the time Covid 19, you can shop online.


Deliver high quality  products with ingredients that are locally grown, ethically and sustainably sourced.


To offer health conscious consumers handcrafted vegan botanical first aid ointments, herbal teas and body care products that are effective, affordable and naturally plant based.

About Me

I have always been fascinated by the healing power of nature and the ingenious ways that people have used and depended on plants throughout history.  In particular I often gravitated toward the tactile and sensory nature of working with living materials and the notion that in many ways we can fulfil our basic needs from our local environment.  Although I have worked within health and wellness disciplines for over 25 years, I only came to Naturopathic studies after having my 2 kids and supporting my husband through his medical training. I started making botanical balms as a way of getting hands on with the herbs I was learning about, and relished every moment of it. 


I broadly experimented  on my friends and family and then adapted my recipes to be suitable for

my vegan friends that were excluded from using beeswax based botanical balms.   During clinical practice I soon discovered that what had started as a fun hobby, and then side hustle, had morphed into an essential respite from the emotional isolation and physical inertia that commonly accompanies one on one clinical practice.  It also helped to stem my dissatisfaction with the often expensive and inaccessible nature of private clinical care.  


Creating this broad range of vegan botanical products provides me with the endless gift of diverse activity (gardening, harvesting, manufacturing) creativity (new product formulation, product and label design, web development etc) and vital social interaction and connectivity with the broader community. It also allows me the opportunity to share the healing power of nature in a much more affordable and accessible way than I ever was able to do in clinical practice.

I named my business in homage to a women's co-operative cafe that my single mum and many of her closest friends worked in in Fitzroy in the 80's called the Common Garden Cafe.  Just as that place offered equitably priced food and employment for the local community, so too do I hope to offer a service that is affordable and useful for the broader community.

Yours in good health, 

Naabi Methé.

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