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Common Garden Health

Vegan Skin Care & more

At Common Garden Health, we’re dedicated to providing the finest locally made, cruelty-free vegan skincare products in Australia.

We also offer a wide range of other vegan products including organic herbal teas, soothing botanical balms, hair care and beauty products, mum and baby products, aromatherapy massage oils, balms and powders, roll-on oils and more.


All our products are 100% vegan friendly with no animal products whatsoever. That includes not using beeswax as a base for our botanical balms. Instead, we use only plant-based ingredients for all our products.  All our products are formulated and made in-house by our qualified naturopath. All ingredients are locally sourced (where possible), and ethically and sustainably grown and processed.


We fully believe in herbal healing and food as medicine. Our products are carefully produced for their naturopathic healing properties. We hand-make all our health, beauty and wellness treatments in small batches to ensure potency, quality, purity and efficacy. We proudly position our natural, organic and vegan product range as healthier alternatives to mass-produced health and wellness treatments that contain animal products, harmful chemicals or lack the natural healing properties and nutrients of our products.

Vegan Skin Care

We offer a carefully curated range of vegan skin care products proudly formulated and handmade in Australia. Our all natural skin care products include vegan moisturisers, nourishing facial oils, face wash and foaming cleansers and more.


Our vegan moisturisers are made from all Australian ingredients and include organic rosewater to soften and hydrate, gently soothing frankincense, lavender, neroli and essential oils.


We offer a range of face wash and facial cleansing grains for sensitive, dry and oily skin types. Made with organic biodynamic oats and French clay, they are suitable for daily use on even the most delicate of skin.


Other Vegan Products

At Common Garden Health, we do a whole lot more than just organic and vegan facial skin care. We stock a range of vegan body care products including deodorants, body mists, all-natural bite balms and insect repellents, anti-fungal ointments, muscle relief balm, decongestant rubs, lip balms, hair oils and tonics and more.

We also have a specialty range of all-natural baby products. The range includes breastfeeding and nappy rash balms, baby powder, baby massage oils, pregnancy oils and herbal teas specifically formulated for pregnant or nursing women. All mum and baby products are 100% vegan friendly and suitable for even the most sensitive baby skin.


Make Common Garden Health your number-one cruelty-free skincare brands in Australia.

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