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I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your little hand written note and a bonus sampler, it's a lovely touch! 🙂


I ordered the blue heaven tea because my work friend let me try hers (that she got from Fitzroy market) and thought it was soooo nice. I bought one for myself and another one to give to my friend.


Thank you and will be enjoying my tea! Please keep making more good teas and I'll be buying more!!


Yumi 🙂

29th July 2020

Naabi’s products are a result of a lifetime of passion put into a jar. I get excited about the magical things they can do like a tea turning from blue to pink. I’m also thankful that there are products that work for me! Like the varicose vein spray is a life changer. So many fantastic smells and genuinely all natural.


2nd July 2020

Amazing range of vegan health, body and household products! The teas are to die for and the lip balm is heaven! The product service is fast, reliable and friendly.

Enoki Art

7th August 2020

We got the Tulsi tea from your stall at Coburg Night Market last year and we LOVED it!

Vicki.L. 1st August 2020

Thanks for your lovely goodies. We love your products so much - the quality is amazing.


12th August 2020

Excellent thoughtful and vegan products that will really make a difference to your day. Absolutely in love with the lip balm and face wash,  and the fact they're locally produced and ethically sourced.

Marguerite Alley

13th August 2020

I am so grateful to have found Naabi and her beautiful products. I don't just buy them for myself, but also all of my nearest and dearest.

Support local business 💗 Highly recommend!


16th September 2020

Thank you so much!  Fast service and fast delivery. Plus I love my magic tea! Will definitely buy again. Highly recommended. 

Alison W

4th September 2020

Naabi has been providing face cream for me over the last 3 years. This was to support and repair my skin after damage from radiation to my face and neck. I have observed a marked improvement in my skin structure and appearance.  Thank you Naabi for your continued support in my recovery.

Liz Cooper

5th September 2020

They have a wide range of products and you can get advice on what you need.  100% my favourite. 


12th September 2020

Hands down, the BEST mother's milk tea I've ever had (would make a great gift to send to any of your expecting lady friends)

Alice Zaslavsky

Alice in Frames

1st May 2020

Easily the best vegan lips balms I've used (and I have tried plenty). I've also been using the calendula cream on my hands (they're super dry and cracked from all the hand-washing) and it has worked wonders. Love the dandelion chai too. Thank you for creating such affordable, high quality products.

Vicki Lim

8th November  2020

Thank you for making truly efficacious and and beautiful natural products that we  can all afford. Usually such high quality produce is prohibitively expensive. I have consequently been able to try nearly all your range and am so impressed because everything works, feels great and smells wonderful. It is obvious that you are very talented, knowledgeable and put  much consideration into all your goods.

Toni Phillips

13th August 2020

My friend served me a pot of common garden’s Blue Heaven Tea! It was not only delicious and refreshing but has magical properties as well. The tea turns pink when you add lemon!! I loved the personal note and sample to try. It is obvious this business is run with love and passion. Xxxxx


9th December 2020

Your insect repellent is the Best. It works and smells great. Thank you

Endora Goat

16th February 2021

Adored my experience of purchasing from Common Garden Health. Gorgeous range and really affordable prices.


Feels so good to be supporting such a local business, my items were dropped off at my house from the owner - that's how local it is!

My skin is glowing after using the Rose water spray and I'm loving the lip balm and tea. Will definitely be buying more from here and have recommended my housemates do the same. Thank you!


22 February 2021

Thank you for your superb range of vegan health, body and household products! The facewash and lip balm is spectacular as are your tea blends! The fact that you are local is brilliant and I apprecite your friendly fast service.

Nikki F

18th August 2020

The teas are delicious. I have also loved using the focus massage oil on my face and neck during stressful days at work. It smells amazing. These products are full of goodness!


17th August 2020

I have relied on these amazing products for years! I use the lip balm EVERY SINGLE DAY, not just on my lips but on other dry places on my face. The arnica and calendula balms are probably the most used remedies in my family's kit- so effective that my daughter now immediately calls for the suitable balm whenever she has a bump, bruise or scrape. As a woman going through the challenges of perimenopause, the assorted teas, such as the (Peri)Menopause tea, the Digestive tea and the Sleep Easy tea, have all been of great support. The cooling mist is also a fabulous relief when those hot flushes hit. I really couldn't recommend these products more! Naabi applies her deep knowledge, experience, practical wisdom and kindness to make exceptional products, often with herbs and flowers grown in her very own garden. You won't be disappointed!   P.S. And they're vegan too :)


2nd October 2020

Have been meaning to write to thank you as Mum was ecstatic with her new goodies. She is VERY particular about perfume but called to tell me (twice) how much she loves the personalised fragrance (and the longevity) and asked where I got it from so she can reorder once it's finished 🥰


5th October 2020

I purchased some sleep balm and headache balm a year ago and have raved about it to friends and family. I recently purchased another 2 jars of sleep balm for family with small children, a linen room spray and Vanilla and peach lip balm. My order arrived very quickly with a lovely note and some tea samples which were lovely. I can't recommend these products highly enough and look forward to purchasing some tea next time.


12th October 2020

I've just seen that my order has been sent so my husband and friend will be really pleased as the mosquitos absolutely love them both and your insect repellent is absolutely fantastic in keeping them away ☺


15th October 2020

I purchased your rose and patchouli deodorant early in the year…. It has been fantastic.. no reactions… no smells😜this time I purchased another deodorant and the calendula cream which is just soooooo soothing. My hands are a wreck from sanitising and soap. Thankyou so much. Looking forward to seeing you back at the market.


27th July 2021


beautiful products!

Peta Deacon 

29th July 2021

I've lost track of how many times I've ordered from Naabi, but her products are absolutely amazing!

My latest favourite is the rose moisturising cream - absorbs well into the skin and feels luxurious.  I always wake up with a soft and healthy glow after applying it before going to sleep. Love the new lip balm flavours too.


8th July 2021

The best herbal teas I have tried. I love the winter warming tea, it makes you feel totally warm inside. Great service and quick delivery. I look forward to trying more of your tea varieties.

A. Martin 

11th August 2021

I recommend everything...she is so committed with all she does...caring to shows much tlc goes into her wonderful products...all her hard work has been worthwhile with her helping others...a wonderful example!

Shayla Rose

24th June 2019

Thanks @commongardenhealth for your brilliant products and the love you put into them - there are many but your foam cleanser is our household favourite 🥰

Lauren B.

Edgar & Rose

28th June 2020

Naabi’s products are refreshing and a true pleasure to experience. Because they’re all made by her hands, you know you’re getting the best of the best. I’ve had products before claiming to be “ safe & au naturale but have caused skin irritations etc, but not with Naabi’s products.  100% safe and can be  used with confidence.  A truly top class naturopath 🌺🌺

Scooter Mc Phee

1st July 2019

I did a kraut, kimchi and kombucha making workshop with Naabi and loved it. She carries a wealth of information, shares it generously, has tried all she encouages herself, gives lots to try .. and as a mum has all the wisdom of family well being to share too. Very warm, friendly, practical, fun and informative experience. Thanks so much Naabi.

Danella Connors

20th July 2018

​​Food is medicine. This amazingly learned practical professional comes highly recommended. From her beautiful arnica salve that helps lessen the impact of our bruises, to healing herbal tinctures concocted to lessen the negative impacts of prescription medication, Naabi has supported my family's health for many years.

Susan Meyer

27th August 2017

Some great workshops on offer, so you can engage in healthy lifestyle alternatives, such as gut health; and make your own everyday preventative medicines.

Neem Nyima

28th August 2017

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