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Common Garden Health

Organic Tea Blends

Herbal & Organic Tea Blends-Common Garden Health

Are you looking to buy the finest organic herbal teas online? Then you’re in the right place. We offer a wide range of naturopath-blended organic herbal teas available for order through our online shop.


We stock a range of boutique organic herbal teas blended for freshness and depth of flavour. From comforting favourites like our Mint Medley and Dandelion Chai to soothing brews like our Stress Less or Sleep Easy blends, we have something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for something zesty or full flavoured or a naturopath blended soothing health tea, we can help. Browse our full range of herbal teas in our online store.


Natural Ingredients For Herbal teas

All our herbal teas are blended in house from locally sourced ethical and sustainable ingredients. We also try to source certified organic ingredients wherever possible. We carefully examine the provenance of all our ingredients and select only those that have been processed and prepared to the highest standards.

All our teas are packaged using biodegradable and recyclable materials and are available for delivery Australia wide.


Naturopath Prepared Blends

At Common Garden Health, we don’t just blend herbal teas for their flavour profiles. Our qualified in-house naturopath creates our unique herbal blends using traditional ingredients long celebrated for their healing and soothing properties.


Tulsi Tonic blend


Our Tulsi Tonic blend features organic tulsi (holy basil), a renowned ayurvedic herb for improving stamina and supporting a healthy stress response. And when it comes to price, we won’t be beaten.

Other naturopath blended teas include herbal brews designed to relieve stress, improve sleep, improve brain function, ease spring allergies, aid with digestion and help with skin health.

Spring Fever Tea

Our Spring Fever tea is an anti-inflammatory and bioflavonoid rich blend of traditional herbs designed to help soothe itchy eyes and calm

the sinus symptoms of hay fever.

The Stress Less blend features soothing organic nervine herbs to settle the mind and reduce feelings of nervous anxiety.

Teas For Women

We also offer a range of herbal teas specifically formulated with women’s health in mind. Our Mothers Milk blend promotes breast milk production and stimulates the letdown reflex. The Grow and Thrive tea are loaded with the essential vitamins and minerals that the pregnant body requires. And our Peri Tea is a traditional blend of balancing herbs formulated to support women through menopause. Our range includes natural skin care products, baby nappy rash cream, natural baby powder, breastfeeding balm, along with nourishing facial oil, herbal teas and more.

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