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Natural Perfumes
  • Natural Perfumes

    Beautiful plant based all-natural perfumes made of pure essential oils in a sweet almond oil base and featuring gorgeous home grown flowers and crystals.


    6  delightful scents to match every mood and season!


    Scent profiles:


    • BLOOM: Bursting with the fresh sweetness of youth! Featuring lovely Spring Roses, Ylang ylang and Jasmine, with gorgeous whole Rose buds and pink Quartz Crystals.


    • BLISS: A joyous citrus profile with vibrant highlights of Jasmine and Ylang ylang,  orange & yellow Calendula petals and Carnelian & Citrine Crystals.


    • SERENITY: A deeply calming and centreing blend featuring Lavender, Lemongras and  hints of Patchouli, with Lavender florets and purple Amethyst Crytals.  Based on the always popular Serenity Room & Linen Mist


    • INSIGHT: A lovely grounding and meditative combination of woody Cedarwood & Frankincense lifted by notes of Grapefruit & Neroli.  Contains beautiful Elderflowers, Moonstone & Turquoise Howlite Crystals


    • ENCHANT: An echantingly exotic blend featuring Patchouli, Rosewood, Sandalwood and Cardamom, with Cornflower petals and blue Apatite crystals.


    • ADORE: An enticingly sexy blend featuring the vanilla notes of Peru Balsam, Roses and Sandalwood with gorgeous  red Rose petals and blood red Garnet Crystals.
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