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Soy Milk Revolution

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

The soy milk revolution is here!!! I got this amazing soy milk machine for my birthday a few weeks ago and I have to tell ya - it’s the absolute bees knees!

I soak 1/2 cup (80g) of organic whole soybeans overnight, then rinse in the morning, add the beans and 110ml water to jug in the morning, turn it on and 17 mins later I have delicious, wholesome and fresh soy milk. You can have it hot straight on your cereal in winter or strain it and keep in the fridge.

Edit 21/7/20 *hot tip - adding 1 tbs of rolled oats to the jug before turning on makes it taste extra creamy and gives it a more familiar mouthfeel. Also when we first transitioned from store bought stuff I used to add 2 spoons of rice malt syrup and a capful of vanilla essence for the kids, but we don't bother with that anymore.

The strained soy pulp (called Okara おから) can be used to pump up the protein and fibre content in muffins, cakes, flat bread, patties, pancakes, burgers and much more. Our family easily goes through 1 litre of soy milk per day so this has dramatically reduced our household waste and is saving us lots of💰.

I know you can of course just cook the beans and blend them without a fancy machine, but the great thing is this is really easy to clean (I spend my life washing dishes and soaking labels off jars!!!), and it’s super quick!

I’ve also made nut and seed milks and black rice pudding. You can also use it for soups and stewed fruits. I was given the Joyoung DJ13S/D881SG model (thanks mum❤️) and I just can’t recommend it enough. If you’re in Melbourne you can get them from Hello kitchen in Melbourne Central.

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